You Can Study Languages Better!

You wouldn't hop on a plane without any clue where you're going would you? 

Well, the same goes for your language study. In order to get the best results, you should go in with a plan tailored to you.

The Study Companion is here to help you brainstorm, plan, and execute your study schedule so you can improve your language skills in no time!


Set Great Goals

Your driving force behind your language study is the goals you've set. Learn how to choose goals that are realistic and attainable. 

Assess Your Time

There always seems to be too little time in the day to accomplish everything you'd like. Learn how to fit in your language study.

Choose Your Resources

There's no one right way to learn a language. As such, there's no one perfect resource. A mix-and-match approach is a great way to keep things exciting!

Put It All in Place

Once you've gathered all your bricks it's time to build your pesonal study plan.


Includes worksheets and planners. Plus a Bonus sheet of 5 of my favorite study tools!

Get Started Today

Finally make your own study plan!